phpQLAdmin Demo

Unfortunatly the demo is currently unavailible. I've moved my whole site (lost the co-lo) and there's no room for the LDAP demo database!

The demo database can be reach at the url and there is three users that can be used: demo1, demo2 and demo3. The differences between these three accounts, and their passwords is as follows:






Super administrator. Full access to the whole database. Have the right to create new branches.



Branch administrator. Have full access to the branch, but can not create new branches.



Ordinary user. Have no administration rights. Can not create branches or users.

The database will be recreated with the minium requirenments once every four hour (starting at 00.00).If you fuck it up, you will have to wait for it to be recreated. PLEASE do not delete the three accounts above. If you do, you will destroy for others that want to test the system...

For those of you that want a copy of this database as it's supposed to look (ie, the database I'm recreating every four hours), this is the LDIF and this is the slapd config file.

As of 20061121, I made availible the BRANC_HOST_MERGE CVS checkout which tries to rewrite the way hosts/computers are handled. Instead of having webservers, Host ACL and Sudo configuration below a choosen branch (which is illogical from an ISP point of view - which phpQLAdmin tries to be a tool for now), I put everything that deals with computers - in one way or form - in the frame previosly called QmailLDAP/Controls. There everything is centered around the physical host, with mail server (information) and web server (information) as sub branches to that physical host. If you'd like to have a look at what I intended, have a look at the BRANC_HOST_MERGE demo site. It's more or less complete, I just have to figure out a way to view webserver information in selected domain/branch(es). Each domain/branch admin should STILL be able to setup his/her own web servers (or at least virtual hosts).

Another nice feature with this new branch (which will be merged into HEAD as soon as I deem it complete - I just have to figure out that 'webserver in domains' thingie :) is that it have support for RADIUS as well.
This is a picture of what the BRANCH_HOST_MERGE view look like.

/Turbo Fredriksson